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The New Face of Young Hospitality Summit (YHS)
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승인 2023.02.20  12:33:18
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With 12 years to our name, Young Hospitality Summit (YHS) decided it was time for a rebranding. Since its founding, much has changed about the Summit; the hospitality industry has grown over $50 billion USD, went through a digital revolution, and endured a global pandemic. Coupled with EHL's rebranding, it was time for YHS to follow suit.

YHS still believes in the core principle of nurturing new hoteliers and improving professional opportunities for young talents in the hospitality industry; however, the summit is different from when it was founded. In a dozen years, YHS has grown many times over in scale, reached out to international partners and participants from around the globe, and established itself as one of the largest and most influential student-led hospitality summits in the world.

The decision to rebrand was made to better represent our changes and expansion and our unhindered ambitions. To cut through the noise in our industry and develop our brand, which stands boldly.


"Young Hospitality Summit"

Adopting the word "Hospitality" sets our path and broadens our horizons to all aspects of service and relationship management. YHS realizes that the industry is expanding further than it has ever been before, and our new name reflects this progress.

Our values align with our new logo - the speakers, the delegates, and the committee - those who make this summit possible. Each stakeholder is represented through one of the three speech bubbles which make up our logo. They represent the voice and necessity of each part and their interdependence on each other. Those who are empowered share their stories and experiences, piquing the interest of those of us who wish to better ourselves.

Our values are the source of inspiration for our logo; curiosity, connection, and empowerment. Curiosity bringing each of us together, connections forming the summit, and empowerment through each other creating the summit we have today. It is through these values that we, as both a community and industry, can strive to greater heights.


The How: The Words

YHS has adopted a new typography to match the values we strive to inspire.

Palatino, as a serif font, conveys the sense of importance and authority we, as organizers, put into YHS. Despite being student-led and organized, YHS has proved itself to stand firm and strong each recurring year, welcoming dozens of highly esteemed speakers, and experts of the field as well as hundreds of guests from around the world. Used for headings, Palatino is the first font readers will see.

Where the sharp edges and the tallness of Palatino demand respect, Gilroy calls for your attention. Gilroy is a sans serif font which displays a sense of roundness which displays its boldness and modernity with its unconventional with its youthful geometric dimensions. Sticking out from the rest of the page, Gilroy demands your attention as do we.



The How: The Colors

Our three primary colors are the YHS blue, vibrant yellow, and deep navy. The YHS blue is a color unique to YHS; resonating with our history and origin. The dark shade from the navy gives grounding and support, a nod of gratitude to EHL and the partners & speakers. The yellow brings forth the much-needed vibrancy of the summit; representing the youth; us, the delegates, and the attendees. Put together, YHS visualizes the interdependency we have with each other; the speakers, the delegates, and the committee.

A change of values signifies a change in YHS. This year YHS returns bolder, and ever more present. YHS has and will continue to leave a mark on the world of hospitality.




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