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[interview] Darren Morrish GM, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi
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Darren Morrish
General Manager, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi
Area General Manager, East Japan


▲ Darren Morrish General Manager, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi, Area General Manager, East Japan

What does Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Hotel mean as the first Pullman hotel in Japan?

It is always a big thing to bring a new brand of anything to market, however bringing the Pullman brand to Tokyo is a great achievement and being the 1000th Accor hotel in Asia Pacific makes it all that much more special. The brand itself is known to some people in Japan however not that many so there is a natural curiosity as well as pressure for us to deliver a product which is on brand and therefore sets a good example of what the brand represents. This particular hotel whilst a little smaller than most Pullmans is to be one of the flagships of the brand so we will continue to develop and change the way the brand evolves in this part of the world also.


What is the background of the hotel in the Tamachi District?

Actually the area is and will continue to transform over the next 10yrs or so. Previously Tamachi was a very localised, trading and warehouse area of Tokyo, however because of its proximity to everything as well as the development of the area between Tamachi and Shinagawa the whole area is going to become a major district of Tokyo with the main terminal of the new Linear Ultra Fast Rail connection between Tokyo/Nagoya and Osaka.

There are also very few international branded hotels in the area and yet we are only 8 minutes from Tokyo Station or 2mins from Shinagawa which is where you can take the Shinkansen to Western Japan so the location will be a great advantage.


Who are your main target customers?

We expect due to the 2 commercial towers within the same complex that we will get quite a lot of corporate guests during the weekdays and then international and leisure guests over the weekends. Given our location and proximity to Haneda airport also, we hope to see many guests not only from Korea but also other gateway cities in and around Asia.


How do you want your hotel to be positioned in Tokyo, Japan in the future?

Tokyo is a very sophisticated market so the levels of service and attention to detail are incredibly important to make an impression here. Whilst we are not a full Luxury hotel, I am confident that we can provide a hotel which is quite different, engaging with our customers and offering something that is memorable and enjoyable for all our guests. We are small enough to be able to know our customers whilst still being affordable and not out of reach for those looking for an 5-Star experience in Tokyo.


What is your role in Accor Japan?

Apart from opening and building the Pullman brand awareness having been both in Japan before as well as with Accor my role is looking after the current and expanding portfolio of hotels across East Japan. Naturally with the Rugby World Cup and the Summer Olympics coming up it is a very exciting time to be back in Tokyo and the demand for new hotels is still strong with visitation to Japan continuing to rise every year.


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