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Vella Ramasawmy, as General Manager of Banyan Tree Macau
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승인 2018.01.09  17:00:59
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Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts has announced the appointment of Mr. Vella Ramasawmy as General Manager of Banyan Tree Macau with effect from December 2017.

In his role as General Manager for Banyan Tree Macau, Mr. Ramasawmy is responsible for the overall running, administration and service standards at Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts’ first property in Macau. He will be leading the professional team to ensure delivery of expected financial and operational results, as well as maintaining effective relations with the hotel’s stakeholders.

Prior to joining Banyan Tree Macau, Mr. Ramasawmy has served as the General Manager at multiple award winning international hotels starting from year 2003, most notably Kempinski and Hyatt properties. Mr Ramasawmy is recognised for his astute business acumen and profit-oriented approach to luxury hotel management. Under his leadership, Iconic Santorini Greece was voted as the best boutique hotel in Greece by World Travel Mart and the Best Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel around the world.

Mr. Ramasawmy, a graduate of Schiller University in London majored in International Hotel and Catering Management, is a veteran senior management executive with four decades’ experience in hospitality industry. Starting his career in food and beverage departments at properties in the Middle East, Africa, Australia and Europe, and oversaw re-launch operations for some of the hotels, Mr Ramasawmy developed an intimate knowledge for hotel operations for business and resort properties.

“I am delighted to join the team at Banyan Tree Macau. With my international expertise and experienced management skills, I look forward to work with the team hand in hand to ensure the continued success of Banyan Tree Macau as a leading luxury destination for global travellers.” says Mr. Ramasawmy.


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